Midnight Anytime Blinds are a great alternative to replacing your existing blinds when you want to cut out the light that creeps in around your blinds. It’s a cost-effective solution saving you time and money as well as extending the life of your existing blinds.

Where can Midnight Anytime Blinds be installed?

Midnight Anytime Blinds can be installed just about anywhere where you can install a roller blind.

What are my choices:
You have 3 systems to choose from.


Midnight Anytime Blinds Transforma range uses the chain that comes with your existing blind however, the chain is safely tucked away within the new frame and away from children’s’ little hands. Your Midnight Anytime Blinds comes with a chain grabber to easily open or close your blinds.


The Cloud 9 range is a beautifully balanced systems that makes it easy to pull up or down the blind with the lightest touch. It is great for everyday use.


You can motorise your existing blinds with our unique motorised system. No electricians are needed.

The motorised system runs off a long-lasting inbuilt battery which is easily recharged and depending on use, may last for up to 6 months before requiring a recharge. It’s ideal for difficult to reach windows or simply to have the convenience of opening or closing them with a touch of a button.

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