We all like a cosy house during winter and a cool house in summer. But are your windows helping you or are they working against you.

Studies show that a huge amount of heat energy is lost through windows. Some estimates put is as high as 35%, which is literally throwing money out the window.

The good news is you can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your windows without having to replace them. What you need are good fitting blinds or curtains and if possible, ones with a high R-value.

Insulating materials are rated by R-values. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating value. Standard curtains are generally R-1. However, a properly installed insulating blind or curtain can achieve up to R-6, which significantly reduces heat loss.

The good news is that most blockout blinds have thermal resistance however the bad news is that there is still the gap around them which allows heat out in winter or the heat in during summer.

The key to achieving better thermal performance from your blinds is having them fit tightly to or around the windows so heat energy can’t escape during winter or enter during summer. In doing so there can be significant improvements in the energy used to keep your room warm in winter or cool in summer.

Midnight Anytime Blinds are an ideal solution which can be retrofitted to your existing blinds (or installed with new blinds), eliminating the gap between the blind and the window where much of the energy is lost.

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