Bedroom Blackout Blinds

Midnight Anytime Blinds

About Midnight Anytime Blinds

We care about the quality of your sleep.

At Midnight Anytime Blinds we recognised most roller blinds let in too much light in from around the edges, disrupting sleep or simply making a room lighter than it should be. So we designed a system that can be fitted to your existing roller blinds or added to new roller blinds to give you a beautifully dark room.

Patented System

The patented system has been architecturally designed to enhance the look of any room with built-in light capturing technology which stops light bleed.

Block Out Blinds

The idea of Midnight Anytime Blinds was borne from past customers saying they love their blockout blinds but wondered how they could stop light from leaking in from around the sides.

Australian Made

We are proudly Australian, manufacturing in Australia. We believe this innovation provides a great solution for many homes across Australia and Internationally.

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