Midnight Anytime Blinds Vs ScreenAway

Comparison Chart - Midnight Anytime Blinds Vs ScreenAway 

Thinking of buying blackout blinds for your home or business and wanting to compare leading brands. Below is a blackout blind comparison chart between leading brands Midnight Anytime Blinds and ScreenAway. 

Midnight Anytime Blinds ScreenAway
Australian Owned and Made

Light Blocking

Both Midnight Anytime Blinds and ScreenAway blinds completely block out light and stop light bleeding in from around the edges

Use Premium Materials and Fabrics

Both Midnight Anytime Blinds and ScreenAway use premium materials in the construction of their frames and blinds

Remote Control and programmable

Fabric selection

Do they offer an extensive range of blind materials to match your décor

  • Midnight Anytime Blinds offers a wide selection of material with different colours and textures
  • ScreenAway has a limited range of colours

Air Venting System

Only Midnight Anytime Blinds has a patented air venting system that prevents blind blowout

Professional Installation or Do It Yourself (DIY)

Only Midnight Anytime Blinds offers a you a choice between professional installation or a DIY option which is easy to install

Instant Online Quote

With Midnight Anytime Blinds you can get an instant online quote for a DIY Blackout Blind Kit

    Retro Fit existing blinds

    With Midnight Anytime Blinds', Transforma frame system you can retro fit your existing blinds to make them Blackout blinds, stopping light leaking in from around the edges. Just make sure your existing blinds are in good shape and made of true blackout blind material