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Elegant, easy to install, cost effective Blackout blinds

Baby can’t sleep, you can’t sleep, or you simply want to enhance the look of your room, then you need Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds.

The first blackout frame system designed for both new blackout roller blinds and existing blockout roller blinds, that’s stylish and truly stops light leakage, turning day into Midnight Anytime. Watch the videos - no trick photography, just beautifully dark rooms.


Most blockout blinds let light leak in from around the sides. With Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds there is no light leakage, and your room is beautifully dark.


Enjoy the ease of remote control of your blinds.

With E-Smart, open or close your blind from the convenience of your bed, bath or lounge. Simply add a remote control to your existing blinds or include with any new blinds. No wiring or electrician needed. Find out more.


You already have blockout blinds but want the benefits the Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds.

Transforma Blackout frame system is easily retrofitted to your existing blockout blinds. It’s a cost effective alternative that repurposes your existing roller blinds that is easy to operate, looks good and is Kid safe.

What makes them so safe? The chain runs inside a protective channel keeping it away from little fingers.

Standard Blockout Blinds without frames

Midnight Anytime Blinds also offers a range of standard Blackout blinds without frames.

You may want the Midnight Anytime Blackout Blind system in your bedrooms, media room or other areas but they may not be needed in other rooms.

If that is the case, you can still order matching blinds from the one place ensuring all your blinds match beautifully.

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Darkness is Essential for a good Sleep

Your body has its own internal clock that helps you go to sleep and be awake during daylight hours. This natural rhythm is the circadian rhythm and it is an important enabler of regular sleep.

A disruption to this rhythm can cause difficulties in getting sufficient sleep.

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