Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds gives you the best levels of bedroom darkness from our Western Australian sun... for a better sleep and a better you. Designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian homes.

This is not just any blackout blind...

The durable light blocking track system combined with a range of top-quality blackout fabric, truly stops light leakage, turning day into Midnight Anytime giving you exceptional darkness.

Perfect for adults, young children, light sensitive sleepers, shift workers and daytime resters. For use in nurseries, bedrooms, TV gaming rooms and home cinemas.

Have a huge Television? Convert your entire living room into a home cinema.

Remote Controlled Blackout Blinds

Our blackout blinds provide the darkest of rooms, assist with year round Western Australian (Perth) climate control and noise reduction with every blackout blind. Custom made for your window and manufactured right here in Australia.

Our blackout blinds operate within tracks installed on both sides of your window frame, along with a bottom seal - preventing sudden light intrusions.
Take away sleep disruption caused by harsh sunlight. The result is best-in-class insulation aswell, as air cannot freely flow around the sides of the blind.

Imagine sleep that's so good, you feel completely refreshed, every day...

  • Lightweight and Stylish
  • Sealed Tracks
  • Sleep without light intrusion
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia
  • In Winter - keep the warm in and cold out
  • In summer: Keep the cool in and heat out
  • Four Frame colours avaliable (black/silver/ white/cream) combined with alarge variety of fabric colours and textures

You can either have the blinds Professionally Installed or you can Do It Yourself

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